Currently, the energy corporation RWE is demanding that activist declare that they will desist from future protests that could damage their industry. The corporation, however, wants to go on with its harmful business model and continues to make profit at the expense of human beings, nature and the global climate. It’s not the activists who should be asked to desist from their protests. Instead, it’s RWE that must refrain from its disastrous business activities.

In a letter from a law firm dated November 18, 2013, the activists are asked to sign a Declaration of Discontinuance. If they don’t, they can expect to face a law suit. In the letter it says: “The occupation of the railway lines of the Hambach-Bahn presents an illegal interference in the institutional and exerted business operations“ of RWE.

Whereas the regional court in Cologne follows this line, the activists claim the right to resistance against a greater crime: the conscious continuation of the socially and ecologically disastrous business model of RWE that entails the destruction of ecosystems, and the injury and even death of human beings. Several celebrities take similar positions in support of actions of civil disobedience.

„It’s not us who should be asked to desist from our protests. Instead, it’s RWE that has to stop their devastating business activities“, says an activist.

Let’s give these words some force and emphasis. Send a Declaration of Discontinuance to RWE.