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send the Declaration of Discontinuance to RWE:


Statement of solidarity with the campaign



Dear Sir,

We hereby inform you that the global climate assigned us with safeguarding its interests. We morally confirm to be the duly accredited agent.

Since the foundation of your corporation in 1898 you have been damaging - at first unknowingly - the global climate by burning fossil resources. Although since then, the connection between anthropogenic CO2-Emissions and global warming has been extensively documented in peer-reviewed scientific studies, RWE continues to produce most of its electricity from hard coal and lignite. With 13 coal-fired power plants, RWE is the biggest emitter of greenhouse gas in Europe.

The global climate constitutes the basis of human life. Due to your activities, more and more people are being deprived of this basis. Burning fossil resources presents a violation against art. 1, par. 2, art. 11 par. 1, sentence 1 and art. 12 par. 12 of PwskR.

On these grounds it is requested, on behalf on our client, that you promptly hand in the attached Declaration of Discontinuance, at the latest until

24 December 2013 10:00 am (entrance at our place)

If you chose to forward the form electronically prior to the above date, you will also comply with the relevant time-limit: nichtwir@riseup.net

Regarding the unequivocal situation of imminent danger, we have the moral obligation to realize our client's injunctive relief by means of direct action.


Declaration of Discontinuance

Herewith declares

RWE Power AG, Huyssenallee 2, D-45128 Essen,  

(in the following: the delinquent)


the global climate and social communities of the planet  

(in the following: the creditor)

they will desist - and in any case of infringement the respective court will find on behalf of the creditor an appropriate contractual penalty -

to destroy social communities and ecosystems of Planet Earth, to harm villages and the local nature with the exploitation of coal, to damage the health of human beings with open-cast mines and by burning lignite, and to push forward climate change through immense greenhouse gas emissions.

(Place, Date, Signature of Supervisory Boards)


Yours sincerely,


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